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I'm David Sheffield

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About Me.

In 1997 I started work in Web Development for Lucent Technologies (Formerly Bell Labs).

I have built scalable, fast, and stable systems working for large news media organizations.

Now, I build web apps for small businesses to automate away the things they hate.

Using Rapid Development Frameworks like Django and React to build it fast and inexpensively.


A normal static or Wordpress website is okay, but it doesn't hold a candle to what you could have, a website that helps you run your business 24/7 using customized solutions built from the ground up. No more trying to fit plug-ins that sort of do what you want in, it's all built from the ground up here.

Rapid Development

"Custom Solutions," you say, "That sounds expensive." Not when you're working with with a Rapid Development Framework, like Django. For a seasoned developer with years of experience, building you the perfect, custom website can be done faster and better, with exactly the features you need.

Powerful Admin Panel

You're not just getting a website, you are getting a virtual office for your business. When you log in to your virtual office, you can access real time reports based on sales, see employee schedules, offer employees the possibility to switch shifts with a quick sign off -- the possibilities are limitless! I can't wait to see what we will build together!

Digital Services.

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